Project Based Learning as a Leading Learning Model for the Mathematics Education Masters Study Program

The Master Study Program (S2) in Mathematics Education, FKIP University of Bengkulu, is one of the undergraduate advanced higher education programs at Bengkulu University. The FKIP Mathematics Education Masters (S2) Study Program itself has several courses that are taught and can produce a product from the project implemented, one of which is cognitive psychology and mathematics research courses.

In cognitive psychology courses, the material taught is about problems when learning takes place or learning indirectly, be it problems between students and teachers, students and students or other learning problems. Cognitive psychology course itself has a lot of lessons that can be taken, both from the experiences of each student, who already has experience teaching in schools, private and tutoring or from the experiences of the students themselves while being master students in mathematics education. In this cognitive psychology course, each meeting is given different assignments, from expressing problems that have been encountered while teaching, learning to the Factors that Cause Problems in Learning to get solutions to these problems. Then these tasks are combined into a book on the psychology of learning mathematics.

The second course which is a project is quantitative research and development. In this course, students are more familiar with Bengkulu culture as teaching aids and learning resources in learning mathematics at school, students are asked to have several cultures in Bengkulu, then the history of this culture is told, how to make/use it, and when this culture was used. After that, the selected Bengkulu culture is then applied as a visual aid in learning mathematics. For example: the dol musical instrument, the dol musical instrument is one of Bengkulu’s cultural objects. A musical instrument that is often played during special occasions such as the tabot celebration which is carried out by the people of Bengkulu every year , the concept found from dol musical instrument this is draft circle on surface on the dollar , parallelogram of the motifs that are in the section the blanket , and still many concept that can found . From activities this could introduce to student about Bengkulu culture at once also could Becomes tool display in learning math , and also from Duty about the Bengkulu culture could put together Becomes teaching materials or source teaching for math teachers .