The number of accepted students for the Magister in Mathematics Education Study Programme FKIP UNIB from 2019 to 2021 had a total of 54-57 students for each period. This wadone by several criteria and taking into account the number of lecturers, lecturers’ workload and the availability of classrooms.

The Magister in Mathematics Education Study Programme supports students in developing their own abilities, both academic and non-academic. The non-academic activities cannot be converted into course grades but can be a supplement for the formation of a graduate profile. Academic self-development includes improving students’ research abilities, participating in national and international seminars, participating in outdoor scientific activities such as herpet activities, participating in scientific writing competitions at the national level, participating in outstanding teacher competitions, and similar competitions organised by the Ministry of Education and Culture, for instance, driving teachers, ambassadors for learning houses and others. These activities have a positive impact on students’ academic achievements, as presented in Table 37.

The achievements of Magister in Mathematics Education Study Programme students in the academic field at the local/regional, national, and international levels is shown in Table 34. Student achievements at the national level in the last 5 years have been seen as getting 1st place in the Student Writing Competition (LKTM – Lomba Karya Tulis Mahasiswa). Followed by first place winner as Outstanding Teachers. This national achievement is supported by achievements at the international level in terms of international publications.